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Saif Ali Khan's Advice for Sons Ibrahim, Taimur & Jeh: Contributing to the World

Saif announced that he would like to advice his sons…Know more….

Friday, 24th September 2021

In recent years, Saif has experimented with many different movie characters and genres, and it is not wrong to say that the actor was unsure and took some risks. In a recent chat with a leading news outlet, Saif shared the advice he would like to give to his younger self and something he would like to say to his sons Ibrahim, Taimur and Jeh if they ever plan to become actors.  

Saif announced that he would like to advise his sons Ibrahim, Taimur and Jeh if they ever plan to become actors. He said that he would advise them to contribute to the world. “There are so many people around you, great stars and great actors, learn from everyone.

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Try to do good. Easier said than done. Make mistakes for sure. But the bottom line is that you have to contribute to the world we live in, and we made the decision to increase entertainment. So make sure it's entertaining, ”said the Sacred Games actor.

Ibrahim Ali Khan is his son from first wife Amrita Singh. Taimur and Jeh are Saif's children with Kareena Kapoor Khan. Although Ibrahim has appeared on a few magazine covers, he has yet to make his acting debut, but is apparently interested in a career in the film industry. His older sister Sara Ali Khan has made some movies and managed to establish herself in Bollywood.

 In addition to giving advice to his children, Saif also gave advice to his younger self. He said that he would recommend a younger Saif to stay focused and enjoy the ride. “I would advise my younger self to seek the center of him and stay there.

Play each role to its highest entertainment quotient and keep a clear head. That is what makes us human, to be everywhere at a certain age, to get a little confused. The only time you know what it means to be clear is when it is not clear. I would say enjoy the trip, it will be fun, "said the actor.

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