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PHOTOS: Sidharth Malhotra glows orange as he leaves town early Friday morning

Sidharath Malhotra in new pics with new outfit…see more…

Friday, 24th September 2021

The actor has been seen several times at the airport and in the city. Sidharth was seen again at Mumbai International Airport early Friday morning.

 The actor immediately caught the attention of the paparazzi with his avatar on fire. Sidharth got out of his shiny black car in a head-to-toe black suit and donned a bright orange jacket that couldn't be missed. The actor greeted the paparazzi and walked to the entry point.

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 Sidharth made sure to follow protocol as he was wearing a black mask and sunglasses. He took off his usual sneakers and wore sturdy black boots and paired them with black pants and a plain black T-shirt. However, the orange jacket added all the required colors to make the actor's airport look like a poppy.

 Sidharth had only returned to Mumbai this week on Wednesday. And the actor has now left again for a work project. Sidharth and his co-star Kiara Advani graced the couch in a recent appearance on the Kapil Sharma Show. The chemistry of the alleged couple was also debated when the host asked them if their kiss in the movie Shershaah was based on real life. Click the link below for more information.

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