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Visibility of Women as Judicial Officers Can Pave Way For Greater Representation: Justice BV Nagarathna

Justice BV Nagarathna speaks on women’s visibility as judicial officers

Monday, 27th September 2021

Supreme Court Judge B V Nagarathnaon Sunday lauded the Chief Justice of India and said that promoting participation of women in judiciary facilitates gender equality in a big way. Moreover, appointment of female judicial officers, particularly in senior roles can help dispel stereotypes associated with gender and lead to a shift in perceptions and attitudes towards apposite roles of men and women.

Justice Nagarathna, who is listed to become the Chief Justice of India six years from now, was speaking at an event organised by the Lady Advocates of the Supreme Court for felicitation of nine newly appointed judges, including three women justices, of the apex court. She said in her address, “Women visibility as judicial officers can pave the way for greater representation of women in other decision-making positions such as legislative and executive branches of the government.”

She termed the occasion wherein nine judges got appointed at a go as a “monumental achievement” for the Supreme Court, Nagarathna said, “Higher number and greater visibility of women judges can increase the willingness of women to seek justice and enforce their rights.”

This should not end as a one-off instance and should be even continued in the future, said the judge as, ““we the women members will scout for talent from all over India so that they get elevated not only at relevant high courts but also to the Supreme Court”.

Directing her words toward the younger generation of women advocate, Nagarathna advised that they should focus on all arms of the law and it should be their continued perseverance to excel.

She also opined that more the number of women in the justice system and greater the visibility is, there are chances that more and more women will come out to seek justice and enfore their rights through the courts of the country.

She said, “I have come to believe that each one of us has a personal calling which is unique as our fingerprint and the best way to succeed is to discover what it is our passion and to find the way to offer it to others in the form of service.”

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