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India Records 26,041 New Covid-19 Cases along With 276 Deaths, Kerala Accounts For 11,699 Cases

Latest Covid-related updates from India

Tuesday, 28th September 2021

India recorded 26,041 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours after which the cumulative figures in the country rose up to 3,36,78,786. With 276 more fatalities due to the virus, the death toll now stands at 4,47,194.

The active cases in Covid-19 in India, at 2.99 lakhs is at its lowest in 191 days.

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Kerala alone reported 11,699 fresh coronavirus cases in 24 hours along with 58 people succumbing to the illness. While the total number of active cases in the southern state stands at 1,57,158, the number of recoveries have gone up to 44,59,193. The state also reported 80,372 tests that were conducted for the virus yesterday.

The Delhi High Court meanwhile, on Monday stayed an order requiring the Delhi government to come up with a policy that will help put into force, the AAP’s recent announcement that in case a tenant was unable to pay rent during the pandemic, the government would pitch in and make the payment.

The Prime Minister stated on Monday, that better health system and vaccination status would help garner more tourists. He said, in the wake of the pandemic, those places that have taken care to vaccinate more and more of its population against Covid-19 and have a better healthcare infrastructure, will attract more tourists.

In Bengaluru, the local police have announced an extension of COVID related restrictions including curfew between 10pm and 5pm till October 11.

According to a survey conducted by ICMR's regional medical research (RMRC), in 12 out of Odisha’s 30 districts between August 29 and September 15, 73 per cent of the state’s population have already developed antibodies against Covid-19.

Figures from other places in India are as follows.


Andhra Pradesh

Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 618

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 0

Number of recoveries: 1,178



Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 32

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 0

Number of recoveries: 37



Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 504

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 20

Number of recoveries: 893



Number of fresh Covid-19 cases: 76

Number of deaths in 24 hours: 2

Number of recoveries: 163


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Source- Timesofindia Indiatimes

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