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10 best fruits for the diabetics

10 diabetic-friendly fruits

Tuesday, 28th September 2021

The pandemic has shifted all focus on strengthening the immunity in order to fight the covid-19 infection effectively. Diabetics who are the most vulnerable group when it comes to the covid infection need to do their best to strengthen their immunity by paying special attention to the diet they are consuming. Eat a healthy diet rich in nutritional value to give a big boost to your immune system while at the same time stabilizing your blood glucose levels. Fruits make an important part of a healthy diet plan and eating fruits is a good way to manage your sugar cravings and untimely hunger pangs, commonly associated with diabetes. However, there are plenty of speculations as to which fruit is ideal to be included in the diet of a diabetic and what would its impact be on the sugar levels.

According to Monika Manchanda, Chief Culinary Officer, as well as Co-Founder of LiveAltLife, these 10 fruits are ideal to be included in a diabetic’s diet. They are packed with fiber and have a high water content, both of which help in curbing sudden sugar spikes and lowering the rate of sugar absorption. Learn more:


Apples are appetite suppressants and can minimize the risks associated with Type 2 diabetes.



Berries are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Berries like blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are extremely diabetic-friendly.



Healthy fats, lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals make avocadoes a super fruit great for managing blood sugar levels.



Oranges are loaded with fiber and Vitamin C. Oranges can delay sugar absorption into the bloodstream. Vitamin C can boost immunity tenfold.


Star fruit

This fruit has an anti-inflammatory impact, reverses cell damage, is low in fruit sugars, and is loaded with Vitamin C.


Kiwi fruit

This fruit has low fruit sugar content and is loaded with Vitamin C, K, and the mineral potassium.



Melons like watermelon, musk melon, cantaloupes are great hydrating fruits. They are rich in Vitamin B, C and magnesium, potassium, and fiber. These fruits can help stabilize blood sugar levels.



Papaya is loaded with antioxidants and can stop cellular damage associated with diabetes



Pears are rich in nutrients and are anti-inflammatory in nature. Pears aid indigestion. As per the latest research pears can minimize the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.


Dragon fruit

This fruit is high in dietary fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins and is extremely helpful for patients with diabetes.


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