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CheramanJuma Masjid to reopen soon

CheramanJuma Masjid to reopen after renovations…get the details…

Tuesday, 28th September 2021

CheramanJuma Masjid constructed in 629CE by the famed Malik Deenar is located in Methala in the state of Kerala. The mosque was closed down for renovation purpose and is ready for reopening now. The mosque makes an important part of the well-known Muziris Heritage Tourism circuit. This had been the country’s first mosque and is perhaps the most ancient in the sub-continent. This mosque is steeped in Heritage wealth and everyone is waiting eagerly for its reopening.

In the year 1984 too this mosque was renovated. The expenses of renovation had been Rs 1.14 crores this time and claims have been made regarding the preservation of its original woodwork.

“Once the old style is restored, the upper portion of the masjid will be used for the tourism project. The underground hall will be used exclusively for prayer,” states Faisal E B, the mosque’s Administrator. The prayer hall of the mosque is spacious enough to accommodate as many as 5000 people.

Alongside the old, ancient structure, a museum related to Islamic heritage has been built. This museum is two storied. This ancient mosque exhibits Kerala form of architecture. The crafts and style of architecture one gets to see at the mosque is liked by all visitors. In the past, this mosque is said to have been demolished by the Portuguese. The mosque’s renovation was carried out across 30 months and clay tiles have been used on the roof.

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