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Germany Unveils World’s First Commercial Plant to Produce Synthetic Kerosene That Will Reduce Carbon Footprint

Synthetic Kerosene manufacturing plant opened in Germany…get the details…

Tuesday, 5th October 2021

The world’s first-ever facility for the production of CO2-neutral e-kerosene has been launched by NGO atmosfair and its partners in the town of Werlte in northern Germany.


The facility that lies near Germany’s north-western border with the Netherlands, produces green hydrogen with the help of CO2 that is pulled in from the air and from a biogas plant that uses food waste along with electricity that is sourced from the wind as well as with the help of solar installations.


By next year, with the continued operation, the facility is expected to generate eight barrels of crude paraffin per day which will have been refined into synthetic Jet A1 fuel for airplanes and handed over to Hamburg Airport.


While the figures are not significant, the German non-profit is of the belief that this step will at least fulfill its purpose which is to prove that the process is technologically feasible and will even go on to become economically viable once production is ramped up with adequate demand.


FalkoUeckerdt, a senior researcher and team leader at the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research who is not involved with the project said, “It’s a new paradigm if you will,”.


He added, “Through cheap solar, mainly, it can be possible in the future to produce e-fuels that are as cheap as fossil fuels today.”

At an inauguration event, environment minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) said, “Nobody wants to give up the dream of flying. That is why we need climate-friendly kerosene. The project shows that the technology is available, and it works.”


The minister also added that it is important such novel fuels are launched now to propel aircraft that happen to be very long-term investments. Moreover, typical biomass-based fuels are already reaching the end of their tether and the answer now can thus be only green hydrogen, she said. 


In a video message, chancellor Angela Merkel felicitated the company’s pioneering spirit that was helping the country push forward as a frontrunner in the global energy transition.


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