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India’s Covid Graph lowers 9% amid 20,779 fresh cases

Diminishing Covid graph in India

Tuesday, 5th October 2021

The Covid graph showed sign of respite in the country with the number of positive cases dropped by 9%. While 22,779 fresh cases have been reported, it has shown improvement compared to the 22,842 cases reported yesterday. According to reports by the ministry of health about 180 deaths have been recorded so far during this period.

The numbers accounted for positive cases identified per 100 stands is at 2.10 per cent, which is less than 3 per cent in the last 35 days, while the weekly rate of positivity stands at 1.63 per cent.

With the inoculation drive in full swing which commenced on June 20, 2021, more than 59 crore doses of vaccines have been administered in the past 103 days. With recovery cases of 26,718 in the last 24 hours that brings to the total number of recovered cases to 3, 31, 21,247. The national Covid recovery rate is estimated to be at 97.89 per cent, the highest since March 2020.


Regional News updates on Coronavirus in India

According to a statement released by an official source, 12,297 active cases of covid and 74 deaths have been reported in Kerala. Amounting to total cases of 47,20, 233  and the number of fatalities to 25,377 in the region. The number of total recovered cases has been reported to 16,333 since Saturday.

In Maharashtra, according to reports by the state health department presently there are over 2,692 new cases of covid positive, 41 cases of fatalities while 2,716 cases of recovery have been reported so far. Educational Institutions such as schools across Maharashtra have resumed physical sessions for classes from 5 to 12 after 18 long months. Earlier physical classes in schools were conducted only in those areas with relatively fewer COVID-19 cases.

In northeast India, reports of sudden spike in the number of positive cases in the state of Mizoram have been recorded in the last month. The state health department has reported 21,074 cases in August, while in September 34,263 new cases of infections has surfaced. Number of cases recorded by the state in April is 1655, 6,268 cases in May, 8,093 in June and 18,433 in the month of July.

India’s current active cases are estimated to be less than 0.78 per cent of total infections which is the lowest since March 2020. The number of active cases presently is estimated to be 2,64,458 amounting it to be the lowest in the last 200 days.

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Source- NDTV

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