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NavjotSidhu Advises Party Ahead of Power Crisis Due to Coal Shortage

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Monday, 11th October 2021

State Congress chief of Punjab Navjot Singh Sidhusaid on Sunday that they should ready the state ahead of the emerging power crisis on account of shortage of coal in power plants and take necessary steps to prevent it.

Sidhu demanded that private thermal plants who have not been maintaining protocol and flouted rules pertaining to maintenance of a stipulated amount of coal in stock for a prescribed number of days, must be hauled and penalised.

In a social media post, the minister wrote, “Punjab must prevent and prepare, rather than repent and repair... Private thermal plants flouting guidelines, punishing domestic consumers by not keeping coal stock for 30 days should be penalised.”

Sidhu also spoke about now resorting heavily on alternate sources of power generation and getting the solar electricity models up and running in a big way.

He tweeted, “It is time to aggressively work on solar PPAs, and roof-top solar connected to the Grid.”

The chief minister of Punjab, Charanjit Singh Channitook the matter up with the Central government on Saturday and asked them to enhance the state’s coal supply as per quota with immediate effect in order for them to deal with the impending power crisis and the looming shutdown of its thermal plants. It could be only a matter of days before the crisis hits as coal reserves are fast depleting and are likely to get exhausted within just a couple of days.

Apart from Punjab, there have been rising concerns over a shortage in coal supply in other states as well like Chhattisgarh and Delhi.

Amid the possibility of a power blackout in the national capital, officials of Delhi's Power Ministry, BSES and Tata power had knocked on the doors of the residence of Union Power Minister RK Singh on Sunday to conduct a meeting over coal shortage at power plants.

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