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Corona Lockdown

Ways to Spend your Lockdown Time

Thursday, 26th March 2020

COVID-19 pandemic, also known as CORONA, has filled us with fear & frustration, hasn’t it? It scares people all over the world after watching what happened in Italy and China. Thousands of people are dying every day and thousands are being tested positive for the virus infection!  

The situation in India too, is becoming worse day by day. Nation-wide lockdown has been announced for 21 days. Many people are struggling as they are finding it extremely difficult to sit idly and students are restless. Many are worried about their livelihood as there will be no money if there will not be any work to do as of now.

 So we are here to tell you a number ways to pass your time for another 20 days. So let’s look at the ways to spend time efficiently.

English Spoken Language Learning

Do you love to enhance your English speaking skills sitting at home? Let’s guess! You are unable to buy your favorite language book right now, are you?

There is absolutely no need to be disappointed. We are going to list out a few amazing apps to learn English online. You have Grammarly, Hello talk & ELSA speak:English Accent Coach etc. ELSA speak:English Accent Coach lets you become a pro in English spoken language. All you have to do is select your level and start the sessions every day. The result? Your confidence level will be much higher when you speak to others in English next time because this app helps you to recognize and rectify your weaknesses. Download the app and get started.

Home workouts for weight loss

 Why sit idly and waste time when you can workout and shed some fat out? You know, there are a hundred of fitness instructors and coaches taking sessions through skype and live video streaming etc. to help their audience keep fit. You can follow any one of them or simply install Shilpa Shetty-Yoga, Fitness, Exercise & Diet app and start losing fat with the fitness queen, Shilpa Shetty herself! You can select the right mode like yoga, meditation, fat loss and so on. You will be taught a number of workouts according to your requirement. Get toned during this lockdown period.  


In today’s world, all you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection. Admit it, we cannot live without internet, can we? Ever heard of games like Counterstrike, Call of Duty and Pub-G? We bet you would have tried to play at least once in your life! But did you know that you can make plenty of money by playing online games sitting at home? The good news is that you get bonuses for just signing up or making your first deposit. You can completely get rid of lockdown boredom and make huge money on playing rummy & poker games on platforms like RummybaaziPokerBaazi   and more! Why lose a chance to win lakhs together? For example, Rummybaazi has a Cash prize of up to Rs 2.5 crores waiting for you! We have got your back covered! We won’t let your boredom take over you. Just log in or sign up today to start playing and make money.

So here are the online platforms for you to utilize your free time-  

RummyBaazi, PokerBaazi, LottoLand, RoyalPandaLeoVegas

You can also watch some of your favorite movies and series you always wanted to watch, on- NetflixAmazon PrimeHotstarZee5AltBalaji

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