BCCI Says IPL Possible in October or November 2020 if T20 World Cup Postponed

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BCCI Says IPL Possible in October or November 2020 if T20 World Cup Postponed

IPL Postponed for COVID-19 Outbreak

Wednesday, 1st April 2020

The pall of Coronavirus clouds cricket pitches and many top level cricket events have either been cancelled or face postponement. Were it not for Covid-19 the IPL ball would have been rolling by now but BCCI is possibly looking at October-November to get it going. However, this is contingent upon the T20 World Cup being postponed. The T20 World Cup is scheduled to start on October 18 and will be played through to 15 November. If that goes off according to schedule then the IPL will possibly sit on the backburner.


Australia considers a six month lockdown. However, if there is rapid abatement the lockdown period could be curtailed. UK could follow suit.


India’s plans are not quite clear as to whether the lockdown on international travel will stay put or whether it will be lifted. If it is lifted in a month or so then BCCI could possibly get this year’s IPL going by October provided the ICC postpones T20 World Cup. If that were to happen then the next T20 World Cup would take place in 2022 because there is no slot available in 2021.


ICC, on being contacted, stated that at the moment the T20 World Cup is scheduled to go ahead as planned in the middle of October and there have been no talks about postponement. Kevin Roberts, Cricket Australia chief, has already said that he hoped the T20 World Cup would go ahead as planned. 



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