Country Singer Kallie Shorr is Coronavirus infected!

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Country Singer Kallie Shorr is Coronavirus infected!

Celebrity Singer Kallie tweets about her COVID-19 Infection

Thursday, 2nd April 2020

The naïve & novel microorganism has hit yet another celebrity…Kalie Shorr this time! The American Country music star Kalie Shorr has tested ‘positive’ for the COVID-19 infection.


 The young singer tweeted this Monday that despite being on quarantine she has contracted the virus. She further added that she had been on quarantine for last 3 weeks...only occasionally she moved out to get groceries but the number of such trips was strictly limited and yet the virus did not spare her.


Kalie informs that now she is ‘significantly better’ but the initial days, just after the contraction, were pretty ‘miserable’. She talks about the dangers of the COVID-19 Infection and tells how contagious it could be. She also sends a word of caution to the world telling that people need to take the Coronavirus seriously. In another Twitter message this 25 years old, young singer talked about how she felt when she was just infected.


Life had been ‘miserable’ for her then. High fever, excruciating body ache, loss of appetite, and loss of the sense of smell were some of the symptoms she had been facing in the first few days of the Coronavirus infection. Her experience as a victim of Coronavirus gives us an idea about the threats this deadly virus could pose for one’s health. It’s high time that we learn a lesson from real life experiences of COVID-19 and take all the necessary precautionary measures to fight the virus and save ourselves. Let’s wage a battle against the Coronavirus!


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