TikTok Comes Forward to Help India in the COVID 19 Crisis

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TikTok Comes Forward to Help India in the COVID 19 Crisis

Tiktok announces to donate masks & hazmat suits to India

Thursday, 2nd April 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to much economic instability nationwide. Slum dwellers and wage earners who live on their daily wages are tormented by the thought of going hungry due to dearth of work & food.


 To respond to the current crisis many celebrities and organizations are extending their helping hand…they are donating food, money and protective gear (for doctors, nurses, policemen etc) to support government in fighting against the pandemic.


TikTok; China-owned video sharing app has jumped into this bandwagon too and has announced a financial aid of Rs 100 Crore for helping all frontline staffs in India get a steady supply of all necessary medical equipments such as Masks and Hazmat suits. Also, TikTok declared in a statement that they will be donating 2, 00,000 masks and 4, 00,000 hazmat suits to keep frontline workers safe while these workers are serving victims of COVID-19 as part of their duty. TikTok further stated that their donations are likely to come to the aid of state level or local medical staffs as they would be offering their particularly to Maharashtra government and Delhi government.


While announcing their aid, TikTok also talked about how important it was to keep the frontline workers safe…they said that the frontline workers like doctors, nurses, other health staffs are attending to affected patients day in and out. Such workers cannot follow social distancing or stay lockdown in the house. So, it is the responsibility of everyone to look after the safety of these workers.


TikTok also said that the donation they are offering is supported by the Union Ministry of Textile and will be delivered directly to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Government of India).


In a situation when all fingers are pointing towards China, holding them responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak, this help from China-made TikTok is drawing attention of the media as well as the public in general.


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