Modi Ji talks of an exit plan for the Staggered Closing of the Lockdown

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Modi Ji talks of an exit plan for the Staggered Closing of the Lockdown

Let us hope for the best to come

Friday, 3rd April 2020

Our country ‘India’ has gone under lockdown in order to break the cycle of the deadly COVID-19 and stop it from spreading to communities. Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji asked the Chief Ministers of every state of the country to design a common lockdown exit plan allowing the Indian population to re-emerge in a staggered way post lockdown. Through the 2nd Video Conference held on this Thursday, P.M Modi gave the Chief Ministers the above instruction. He added that Chief Ministers need to focus on one common goal; i.e. to ‘Save Every Indian’ while chalking out the exit plan. He, further, asked the C.M’s to come up with suggestions on the same.


During the conference Modi Ji declared a list of ‘Must-Do’s’ that need to be followed during the country’s 2nd week of lockdown. According to Modi Ji, the first and foremost strategy for the coming weeks should be to test, to trace, to isolate and to quarantine and to achieve that state level to district level initiatives need to be well coordinated.


Mr. Modi instructed the appointing of disease surveillance officers at the district level without delay to ensure optimum penetration of the above strategy and also, added that private lab data collected for testing must be collated at the district level to be used for further planning on pandemic management.


At the opening of his speech Modi Ji remarked that the supply lines of medical apparatus and medicines and that of raw materials required to produce these commodities needs to be kept intact. Modi Ji, further opined that every state needs to have separate hospitals for treating COVID-19 cases and doctors treating such patients need to be well protected. Modi Ji also talks of imparting online training to the doctors for helping with the treatment of the infected patients.


In other words, our Government is trying its best to face the massive economic slowdown that would inevitably follow the lockdown. So, stop being stressed & let’s hope for the best to come…

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