Fitness industry: Its strategies while Corona virus continues to spread

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Fitness industry: Its strategies while Corona virus continues to spread

Gyms are closed but creativity is not

Monday, 6th April 2020

Corona lockdown tip number 2

Now, it’s the time for virtual reality! Internet has transformed the lives of people. Everything is possible today in the world of digital media. As per the record of The International Health, Racquet & Sports club Association, in 2018, Fitness industry was worth $94 billion.  

Fitness studios are closed today because of the Covid-19 outbreak across the world. But how are the instructors and coaches dealing with this? Trust me, their creativity knows no bounds! They are coming up with the workouts that can be done at home. They are taking sessions online and posting their videos on many platforms available today in a very innovative manner.

Video classes and applications

Either live videos, or video clips, fetch them a great range of audience. Numerous apps like Nike training Club, Asana Rebel etc. have come into the market to help people lose weight at home. Learners can learn the moves using these apps and carry on with their daily workout sessions. For those who have already joined gym, cult fit and so on, their instructors are taking online sessions through Skype and other video-calling applications. Some of them are even reaching the mass via live video streaming on social media like YouTube and Instagram. They are helping people to stay fit during the lockdown. While the remaining are coming up with innovative moves that can be done using household items, and that, which can be easily followed by anyone, including pregnant women and kids. There is nothing like getting enjoyment while keeping fit, is there?

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The bottomline

Everyone is feeling sick at home from past two weeks. But for a greater good, we need to follow the instructions given by the Government right now. It’s important to keep in mind that whatever has been done, it’s done to ensure safety of the citizens. Why not make the best use of this surplus amount of leisure? Let’s start getting fit & increase immunity and strength and fight Covid-19.


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