Dispel the Darkness of Coronavirus and Spread the Light:  Urges PM Narendra Modi

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Dispel the Darkness of Coronavirus and Spread the Light: Urges PM Narendra Modi

9 minutes of positivity

Monday, 6th April 2020

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation through a recorded video message on the morning of Friday, March 3rd urging them to express solidarity through yet another unique gesture. Each citizen of the country is to switch off the lights in their homes and light a candle, a ‘diya’, a torchlight or even a mobile flashlight at 9pm for 9 minutes on Sunday, March 5th,2020.

This is to be done from individual balconies, doorways, etc. and not, as he specifically mentioned, in groups or gatherings.

This message has come in the wake of his previous announcement of a 21-day nationwide lockdown. It being the ninth day of the lockdown, his main objective behind this announcement was to give a sense of assurance to people that they are not ‘alone’. He said in his discourse, that this act by 130 crore Indians will portray a united stand against the nation’s fight against coronavirus.


Key Highlights of the address

The PM stated that individuals might not realize the worth of their contribution by staying home and maintaining social distance and might also be consumed by a sense of despair and loneliness during this period of lockdown. However, he emphasized the fact that no one is alone in this hour of crisis. He also reassured the citizens that this act will manifest the strength of 1.3 billion Indians in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

He expressed his gratitude for the healthcare professionals, praised the citizens for their discipline and doing their bit during the lockdown period and also the way everyone came together during the previously imposed “Janata Curfew”.

He mentioned that the clapping of hands, clanging of utensils and ringing of bells at 5pm on March 22 to show appreciation for healthcare practitioners and the people in essential services, has displayed unity among the countrymen in these challenging times and have become a model for other nations to emulate.

In his third address to the nation about the coronavirus, the Prime Minister also made a reference about the predicament of the poor sections of society, the migrant workers and other vulnerable strata whose situations have been worsened by the lockdown.


Coronavirus cases in India

India now has recorded more than 2,300 positive cases of the novel coronavirus that includes 56 deaths.

As the lockdown is scheduled to end on April 14, the PM has called for a staggered exit from it. In a meeting with all state chief ministers, he has urged them to come up with suggestions along with maintaining focus on testing, tracing, isolation and quarantine measures to minimize deaths due to Covid-19.



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