Re telecast of Ramayan reaches heights on the popularity meter

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Re telecast of Ramayan reaches heights on the popularity meter

Ramayan by Ramanand Sagar is still as loved as it was decades back

Monday, 6th April 2020

India is a land of traditions and religiosity and we all Indians are sentimentally and emotionally connected to our religious epics like ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’.

When these epic series first came on the TV, nearly three decades back, their popularity touched the sky. You would probably recall how on Sundays the streets in your neighborhood used to get deserted and how people would all crowd in front of the Television Sets to catch a glimpse of their much-revered epic heroes and icons like Rama, Laxmana, Bheema, Arjuna and the like.

 Even after many decades, Ramanaya TV series happens to be one of the most popular shows…re-telecasting of Ramayan has got 140 million viewers across its four shows telecasted around the last ‘stay-at-home’ weekend as per the reports of BARC. Broadcast Audience Research Council or BARC declared that the huge number of viewers that ‘Ramayan’; a Ramanand Sagar Production has received, undoubtedly, makes it the most popular and highest watched TV Serial ever in the realm of general Hindi entertainment.

CEO of Prasar Bharati, Mr. Shashi Shekhar tweeted that he is completely ‘thrilled’ at the highest rating that the re-telecast of Hindi GEC TV Show has garnered since the year 2015.

The Ramayan TV series was re-launched on last Saturday in the midst of the dark hours of the COVID-19 crisis and the economy-shattering lockdown. The government has reposed much trust on the series and hopes to popularize it.

Chief Executive of BARC, Sunil Lulla opined that the number of viewers that the show pulled was unbelievably high and lauded Prasar Bharati for this ‘brilliant’ move.

The first show of the ‘Ramayan’ TV Series appeared on the morning of Saturday and garnered 34 million eager viewers and a 3.4% rating while during the evening of the same day, the show was again re-telecasted and then it garnered 45 million viewers plus a 5.2% rating.

Again on Sunday the show went onscreen garnering 40 million viewers in the morning and 51 million in the evening

The whopping big viewer numbers clearly indicate how desperate Indians are to seek for refuge in religion and myths in this hour of crisis.

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