Quarantine fashion: Tips by Emma Chamberlain

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Quarantine fashion: Tips by Emma Chamberlain

Dress trendy for your video call meetings

Monday, 6th April 2020

Staying at home cannot inspire you to dress-up, right? This trendy YouTube content creator has a different opinion. Emma Chamberlain loves to be comfortable in her “business casuals” while she works from home.


She says, “The key with being comfy is matching. As long as the clothes aren’t form-fitting on my body, I’m wearing it”. She shares some of her amazing tips on “quarantine fashion” with her 18 million fans!


She has been stunning her audience in her sweat-suits during her self-isolation for a couple of weeks. She says, “I have seen different shades of gray sweatpants with a vintage T-shirt and call it a day- may be a tank top, if I’m feeling a little bit crazy”. She adds, “ The one thing I’ve noticed is that deodorant marks on black tops show up a little bit extra on the Zoom camera…It is a real problem”.


According to her, this is the right time for people to increase their sense of fashion. Ever heard of DIYs? Yes, exactly! Hunt for your old clothes which you don’t wear anymore. DIY them into something really fashionable by cropping, cutting and tying them in the right way. That’s an awesome outlet for your energy too, she opines. She doesn’t stress much on wearing makeup, as that’s a choice depending on your comfort.


She says, “Sometimes I think it actually feels good to get ready when you haven't in a while because I know I can start being like, 'Wow, I am lazy and I don't really look that good right now' or 'My skin is breaking out.' So getting ready just for no reason can sometimes be reassuring," she adds. "[But] there's no need to do a crazy eyeshadow look if that's not what feels right to you".  


Spice your ‘work from home’ up a bit & learn interesting DIYs during lock down.





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