Fake tweet of Kiran Bedi cooks up a storm of criticism

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Fake tweet of Kiran Bedi cooks up a storm of criticism

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Tuesday, 7th April 2020

Fake and false information are often circulated across the social media and via Whatsapp forwards and most of us, start believing in those unknowingly and even start talking about those to our friends, colleagues, family members and relatives. That is how misconceptions are born and that is how the society’s outlook is malformed. We often get fooled by these fake news & videos and this time it was Kiran Bedi, a celebrity, who was fooled.


Recently, Kiran Bedi; the current Lieutenant Governor (Puducherry) had tweeted a video showing chickens just hatched out of eggs which, she claimed, were thrown away as ‘rubbish’ after the COVID-19 outbreak. Kiran Bedi shared the video clip along with a caption that reads… "Eggs which were thrown as waste because of corona, after one week hatched. The creation of nature. (Forwarded) Life has its own mysterious ways." However, Bedi’s claim brought her under the anvil of criticisms. Soon after her post, Bedi faced uproar. She was called out for posting a fake, misleading video. Users started hurling comments like "How do eggs for consumption hatch? Besides, if they were thrown, wouldn't they crack?" and "Uninstall WhatsApp. I repeat, uninstall WhatsApp. NOW." (sic)


Fake news can be quite dangerous. If a society is built on fake beliefs it won’t take much time for systems to topple down. So, when we posts or share something, we need to first check the authenticity of the information. If a renowned personality like Kiran Bedi was fooled into believing something that was ‘fake’, we, common people, are likely to be fooled more often!



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