Corona Sandesh being sold at a Kolkata sweet shop

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Corona Sandesh being sold at a Kolkata sweet shop

The virus does not eat you but you eat it

Tuesday, 7th April 2020

Kolkata is the land of sweets and the sweet-makers here are out-and-out creative. The Bongs look for sweets on every occasion. A sweet after meals is more than a tradition…it is, in fact, one of the routine habits of a day for the Bengalis.


Getting a ‘Mishti Mukh’ done on auspicious occasions is a must for them. The crafters design sweets with utmost creativity and make it with utmost perfection. They come up with novel concepts each new day to cater to the demanding sweet lovers of Kolkata.


Apart from the quintessential Mishti Doi, Rasagullas and Sandesh, the sweet makers of Kolkata also make some very unique sweets…news of a sweet shop in Kolkata selling Coronavirus-shaped sweets has hit the headlines large enough. On 6th of April, the news came up that one particular sweet shop in Kolkata was selling Corona Sandesh of different types.


Those Corona sweets were put on a tray which was placed in the showcase of the shop. Picture of this unique sandesh was posted by Preeti Bhattacharya on her Twitter platform and is now being rapidly circulated across the various social media platforms. The very image of the Corona sandesh would send chills down your spine…Would you like to have it also?






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