Good Samaritan Act of a businessman from Mumbai

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Good Samaritan Act of a businessman from Mumbai

Food donation for the poor from a Mumbai businessman

Tuesday, 7th April 2020

Though lockdown is absolutely necessary to stop the dangerous virus from spreading to the communities lockdown has also hit the marginalized sections of the society pretty hard. People who were already poverty-stricken have become all the more ‘poor’ under the impact of the lockdown.


There are many such people living on the streets of Mumbai…many of them have sick members in their family who are getting treated in some Mumbai hospital and dearth of food, facilities and hygienic setups has made many of those people to go shelter-less and live as destitute on the pavements, streets, bridges of Mumbai. These people have but no option to rely on food donations received from the various social workers.


One such selfless, good Samaritan is Mohammad Azam Sheikh who has been working towards uplifting the marginalized sections of the society since 22nd of March; 2020. He has been moving around the city donating clean drinking water and food to the stranded, penniless people of Mumbai. Each day Sheikh offers nearly 700 vegetable pulao packets and 1500 bottles of drinking water free of cost to the poor relatives of patients waiting outside hospitals like Tata Memorial, St George Hospital (CSMT) and KEM Hospitals (Parel).


Sheikh is a businessman and a resident of South Mumbai’s Fort area. He tells in an interview that he was motivated towards getting involved in social welfare activities after coming under the influence of his professor at Mumbai’s St Xavier College…who succumbed to blood cancer and passed away last year. Sheikh further said that he feels that it his ‘social responsibility’ to do something for the society from where he is making his money as a businessman. He said that as long as there would be lockdown in the state of Maharashtra he would continue donating food & water.


Sheikh is associated with a NGO by the name of Bai Aishabai Charitable Trust and has been involved in various types of welfare activities in all these years. Ganesh Sanap; former corporator of the Shiv sena group helped him by providing him an ambulance to go around the city distributing his donations.


Apart from donating food to needy relatives of sick patients Sheikh also metes out food grain packets to the slum belts of Golibar locality (Santacruz), Malvani (Malad). Each of these food grain packets includes 10 Kg rice, 1 Kg moong dal, 2 Kg Oil, 2 Kg Sugar, 1 Kg Toor Dal and 5 Kg Wheat flour. Before initiating this donation endeavour Sheikh has got official permission from DCP Sangramshinh Nishandar and thankful to the DCP for the same.

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