British PM Boris Johnson shifted to ICU

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British PM Boris Johnson shifted to ICU

Health of Boris Johnson Declines

Tuesday, 7th April 2020

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain has been shifted to ICU of London Hospital due to sudden decline of the symptoms of Coronavirus infection that he contracted 10 days back. He was admitted to the hospital for his routine tests but owing to worsening of his condition.


 He is the first important political leader to be affected by the COVID-19 Virus. The office of the Prime Minister reported that the Prime Minister is still conscious and is breathing naturally without the support of ventilator but still he has been shifted to ICU to make sure that he gets the support readily in case his breathing issues decline further later.


In Britain there’s no official Deputy Prime Minister’s post but owing to the declining health conditions of Boris Johnson, Dominie Raab; the Foreign Secretary has been given the charge to function in the absence of Johnson.


A couple of hours back Johnson had tweeted informing the world about his ‘good spirits’. In his Tweet, Johnson also thanked Britain’s National Health Service for caring for him as well as for the others who too are infected. Johnson’s spokesperson; James Slack, stated that Johnson had been comfortable enough the previous night and had been in charge of his office even after being hospitalized because of persistent fever and cough. But Slack does not tell much about the exact ‘tests’ the Prime Minister was undergoing.


On Monday, Indian Prime Minister; Narendra Modi wished speedy recovery and health for his counterpart in Britain. On March 26th, Johnson was diagnosed with COVID-19 infection and since then he had been in quarantine in his residence at Downing Street. During his quarantine days he had posted multiple video messages urging the people of his country to stay indoors and follow the rules of social distancing so that the spread of the deadly virus could be arrested.

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