Cops of Surat dress like the virus to motivate people

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Cops of Surat dress like the virus to motivate people

Police men go an extra mile to spread their word

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

Police is going out of their way to make this lockdown a success…they are doing numerous unique and odd things to make people follow the rules. An example of this is the cops of Surat who recently had dressed up like the deadly virus to motivate people to stay indoors.  Hats off to the dedication of these creative and dutiful cops!


On April 5th Cops in Surat’s Mahua Taluka went out on the streets wearing Corona-themed garb and helmet and even were seen to carry ‘lathis’ styled as per the trending theme of the day…the Corona theme.


Indians love ‘spectacles’ and that’s perhaps the reason why these cops had chosen to wear virus-themed clothes to motivate people into seeing their point. In a statement made to ANI a policeman said that they are doing this to spread awareness about the current situation among people.


As per reports dated April 6, in the state of Gujarat there are 120+ COVID-19 Case and 12 people have lost their lives to the deadly virus till date.


Meanwhile, in other states too police is resorting to unique means to spread their message and create awareness among people. In Chennai cops wearing Corona-themed helmets were spotted. Those helmets were designed by a local craftsman.


In the state of Maharashtra a police officer was heard singing the famous hit song from movie ‘Sarfarosh’… “Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaaye, Sambhaalon Yaaron”to motivate people to stay indoors


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