MP Couple names their newborn Lockdown

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MP Couple names their newborn Lockdown

Baby named after Lockdown

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

In these otherwise gloomy times of the COVID-19 Outbreak & ceaseless lockdown, some blessed things are happening too. The birth of cute little babes is one such thing. Recently a couple in Madhya Pradesh was blessed with a baby boy. The child was born to a couple named Raghunath Mali and his wife, Manju on the 6th of April, 2020.


The couple is a resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Bachheri village located in the district of Sheopur. In the joyous moment of the birth of their son, the couple did not forget the nation’s struggle against the deadly virus…so, they have named their son ‘Lockdown’ to honor and hail the joint efforts made by the people of the nation to fight against and win over the virus in response to PM Modi’s appeal.


When Mali was asked why he had named his son ‘Lockdown’ with ‘Lockdown’ being a word that is making the entire nation anxious currently, he replied that it is to make this unprecedented crisis period memorable forever. He added that his wife, Manju too happily agreed to the naming of their son ‘Lockdown’ and that is exactly the name they had put on their son’s birth certificated issued by the private hospital where he was born.


Narendra Modi Ji, the Prime Minister of the country had appealed to the nation to abide by a 21-Day non-stop lockdown to keep the country out of the clutches of the aggressive Coronavirus. The country has shown remarkable ‘collective resolve’ in these hard times. To make the moment unforgettable the farmer couple has named their son ‘Lockdown’. Their idea is unique and so is their dedication!

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