30% Pay of Cabinet Ministers will be deducted till 1 year

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30% Pay of Cabinet Ministers will be deducted till 1 year

Pay cut to power the fight against Corona

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

The economic upheaval that is to follow the pandemic is predicted to turn out as one of the largest economic disaster India has ever seen. The world economy is gasping too. Country needs money to at least try making things normal during as well as after the pandemic. The Union Cabinet, in view of the current situation, has arrived at a decision.


The Cabinet meeting held through video conferencing, consented to the 30% pay cut and pension cut of the MPs for a year to gather funds for this battle against the dangerous, novel virus. President, Vice President, Prime Minister and even Governors have agreed to be subject to this pay deduction move. This Monday, the Union Cabinet Ministry said ‘yes’ to the suspension of the MPLADS Fund on a temporary basis for the two fiscals for managing the critical impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak. The total amount derived through deductions would go into the country’s Consolidated Funds.


Prakash Javadekar, a Union Minister stated that the Cabinet has given its sanction to an amendment ordinance under Members of Parliament Act (1954) and the amendment pertains to an amendment of the Allowances, the Salary and the Pension of the MPs, MLAs and other Union Ministers including Prime Minister, Governors, President and Vice President by 30% for at least 1 year from the 1st of April; 2020. Apart from PM Modi, Home minister Amit Shah and Defense minister Rajnath Singh and few other senior ministry officials were at the PM’s official bungalow for a meeting on the same. Other cabinet members were connected through video conferencing from their respective residences and offices.

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