Not a threat of retaliation against India

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Not a threat of retaliation against India

What does Donald Trump actually say

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

US President supports India’s take on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). India now, has stated that it will supply HCQ “in view of the humanitarian aspects of the pandemic” to the countries badly affected by Covid-19. His remarks on the ban of anti-malarial drug had created an uproar this week. Many percieved that as a threat of retaliation against India.


But in actuality, he was just answering a question about potential comeback for HIS decision to ban exports of medical goods. In an interview on Fox News, Trump said, “You know they put a stop because they wanted it for India. But there is a lot of good things coming from that.. Lot of people looking at it and saying, you know...I don't hear bad stories, I hear good stories. And I don't hear anything where it is causing death”.

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