How to spend your quarantine creatively

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How to spend your quarantine creatively

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Thursday, 9th April 2020

Quarantine’ is a buzzword in the recent times. News of people going into quarantine is hitting the headlines large enough. The word brings with it lots of panic and apprehensions. The novel Coronavirus outbreak has urged many people to go into quarantine and a majority of the quarantined lot is either already infected or is anticipating an infection and waiting in fear for their COVID 19 test reports to come.

Living in quarantine could be mind-shattering and frustrating. You’ll have no access to the outer world and will live your life in complete isolation…on top of that, if you are sick, you will possibly feel all the more wretched and negative. However, the boredom and despair associated with Quarantine should not dim your creative enthusiasm…this is just a passing phase and drawing inspiration from the age old proverb, ‘Every dark cloud has a silver lining’, we can say that this will end soon.

If you are quarantined right now, here are some tips that would help you spend your quarantine in a creative way…Read on:

  • Finish a story book     

You might have been an avid reader and had always wanted to read some good story books. Your everyday chores & hectic work life might have left you with little or no time to chase your passion. This is the time for it…Finish as many story books as you can!

  • Do some cleanups

A corner of your house looks cluttered and sooty. Your eyes might have fallen several times on it but you thought to yourself…’later, someday!’ Now, that you are quarantined you have ample time for those long-pending cleanups. So, get down to work right away. Do your best job using the mop, broom, wipe and other cleaning supplies & turn your home into a sparkling clean and well sanitized living space.

  • Indulge in new recipes

You always had a knack for cooking or your family might have demanded from you a particular dish. But, due to your busy professional life you might have failed to devote time to your long lost love; i.e. ‘Cooking’. This is the time to try new dishes and cook up delicacies you always wanted to.

  • Let the ‘greens’ flourish

Do some gardening and turn your living space into a ‘thing of beauty’ and a ‘joy forever’! It is indeed a big satisfaction to plant a sapling, nurture it daily & see it grow. In no time, you can have beautiful green surroundings around you. The very sight of ‘Greens’ grown by you can bring you happiness even in these hours of gloom!

  • Find relief in Crafts

Did you know that you can make awesome crafts out of simple things available in your house? So, go to your store room while you are in quarantine. Try to pick some trash and use your creativity to transform them into mind blowing home décor items. You could make flowers out of broken fiber bottles or could make a beautiful wall hanging out of broken bangles and the like. In other words, immerse yourself in creativity & break the monotony of quarantine.


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