Anna Jones gives you some quick lockdown recipes

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Anna Jones gives you some quick lockdown recipes

Treat yourself some tasty, healthy dish this quarantine season

Thursday, 9th April 2020

“Cooking has been something to focus on, something I can do to help keep my mind quiet; its results keep us well and cheer us through these wild times”, says Anna.

Quarantine giving you a hard time? Try some of these amazing recipes and step out of the house as a better cook ;) 

1.       Black bean tacos: Taco bells are closed but your skills aren’t. Prepare your own kinda yummy tacos at home.

2.       Lentil bolognese: Prepare lentil bolognese with very basic ingredients.

3.       Ribollita: Waste in use to prepare this delicious dish! Save some vegetable ends, bread hunks etc.

4.       Turmeric noodles: Mouth-watering right? Something different than your usual, boring noodles.

5.       Beetroot soda bread: All you need is a root vegetable & some bread!

6.       Carrot dal: Dal for your health and treat for your tongue. Know how to make it!

7.       Fruit ice-cream: We get you. Can’t go out & buy your favorite ice-cream but you can make one.

8.       Apple & ginger cake: Sounds strange? But tastes amazing! Try now.

9.       Carrot & apple flackjacks: Packed with rich nutrients & best for snacking, anytime!

So check out her recipe blogs, click thegaurdian

Try out these special dishes & don’t forget to leave a comment.

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