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Top 5 protective gears a health worker needs during Coronavirus

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Friday, 10th April 2020

Novel Coronavirus pandemic affecting over 209 countries of the world and taking over 89,714 lives so far is one of biggest catastrophes of the century. Lockdown, quarantine & social isolation are the only ways out of this present crisis. But there are some people who just cannot afford to stay locked in or in quarantine…they are the doctors, nurses, healthcare staffs!


They are the frontline warriors in this fight against the deadly coronavirus. They are working tirelessly to treat infected patients & cure them and thus, are always at the risk of getting infected themselves. Already many of our doctors have become martyrs in this fight against the dangerous virus.


It is very crucial to protect our healthcare staff…only, if we protect them, they can protect us. So, the government should arrange for all types of protective gear for such staff. A doctor’s or any other health worker’s protective ensemble should consist of the following items:

1. Goggles

Wearing goggles that have flexible frames can offer protection to the mucous membranes around your eyes and nose and can make an effective seal with your facial skin. This blocks the route of the virus that’s trying to enter your body through the mucous membranes.

2. Masks

Upper, as well as lower respiratory tracts, are generally attacked by the deadly coronavirus. So, protecting the air passages from the particulate matter from droplets is very important. Triple-layer medical masks and N-95 Respiratory masks may be used for protection purposes.

3. Headcovers

A headcover or a cap-like headgear covering both hair as well as hair extensions is necessary while offering clinical care to infected patients.

4. Gloves

Gloves can protect the hands from getting contaminated with the virus from infected patients. You could opt for Nitrile gloves as Nitrile is chemical-resistant and hypoallergenic too.

5. Coverall Suit

This coverall suit meant to cover the entire body offers 360-degree protection against droplet exposure and exposure to contaminated solid substances.  

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