Mahindra group workers eating on banana leaves

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Mahindra group workers eating on banana leaves

Subhead- Anand Mahindra makes an effort to help the banana farmers

Friday, 10th April 2020

The entire nation is under lockdown due to the present coronavirus pandemic. Economic disaster has already set in and small businesses are suffering a big blow. The survival of small businesses is now a big question mark. In such a situation, the Mahindra Group of Industries take a noble initiative.


Anand Mahindra; the Mahindra Group chairman recently tweeted that workers in his factory are now being served food in banana leaves…banana leaves have substituted the use of plates and this initiative has been taken to help the banana farmers who are struggling for existence. Anand Mahindra added that Padma Ramnath, a retired journalist had suggested him that if food is served in banana leaves in the canteen of Mahindra factory, the struggling farmers could sell off their produce and make some money in these difficult times.


 Anand Mahindra also shared pictures of his workers eating food on banana leaves and told us how his proactive team had acted readily and had implemented the journalist’s idea without delay.

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