Facts about Coronavirus you did not know

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Facts about Coronavirus you did not know

Know about the novel virus

Friday, 10th April 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has shaken the world from its slumber. Italy and America has already seen worst scenarios of this virus outbreak which has now been deemed as a global health emergency. As per the reports of WHO, the pandemic has already affected over 1.4 million people worldwide and has killed over 85, 000 people.


While we all are trying to fight the virus and the present crisis, here are certain things that you need to know about the virus. Your knowledge of these aspects will help you prepare your arsenal against the COVID-19 virus in a better way. Read on…


  1. The infection is caused by a new type of virus unknown to mankind. So, it is called the ‘novel’ coronavirus.
  2. The virus after entering the host harbors itself in the throat of the host for first 2-3 days. That’s the time when you would have sore throat, sneezes and coughs.
  3. After day 2 or towards the end of day 3, the virus makes its way to your respiratory tract and that’s the time when you get high fever and breathing difficulties.
  4. For some, the infection may be asymptomatic. These people may not have symptoms but may become carrier of the virus.
  5. The virus is not air-borne
  6. Virus causes your lungs to become fibrous. That is exactly why you develop respiratory complications once you are infected.
  7. People aged 65 years and above, patients who are immune-compromised and kids who have under-developed immune system are prone to catching the infection fast and developing complications.
  8. Washing hands frequently, using face mask, using hand sanitizers, following proper cough hygiene and social distancing are the prevention measures one could adopt to keep the virus at bay.

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