Modi Ji preparing for the after Covid 19 challenge

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Modi Ji preparing for the after Covid 19 challenge

India and Japan are soon to become tech partners

Monday, 13th April 2020

Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi stated that the global as well as strategic partnership between India and Japan can help in the development of new solutions and technologies in the after-Covid-19 world.


PM Modi is well aware of the pall of gloom that’s soon to descend on the country’s economic health after the lockdown ends. So, Modi ji is trying his best to arrange for new tech relationships and partnerships that could help the gasping country recover from the blow the pandemic has given to its economy.


After a conversation with the Japanese Prime minister and Modi Ji’s counterpart, Shinzo Abe Modi ji tweeted telling the nation about his fruitful conversation with the Japanese PM on the post COVID scenarios.


In other words, our PM, Narendra Modi ji is hopeful that Japan’s support will come out large and help the country in improving its economic status after the pandemic ends.

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