Friends gift virtual Sangeet ceremony to would be couples

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Friends gift virtual Sangeet ceremony to would be couples

Innovative Lockdown sangeet ceremony conducted

Monday, 13th April 2020

Well, how could ‘Sangeet’; an important pre-wedding ceremony go unobserved? In this age of ‘Virtual Reality’, it is no wonder that people are holding the Sangeet ceremonies through the ‘Virtual’ medium! A couple who had their wedding this weekend had to postpone the wedding date due to rampant outbreak of COVID-19 and non-stop lockdowns.


But, their friends did not deprive them of the joy of the Sangeet ceremony. The very innovative virtual Sangeet arranged for the couple by their friends made news everywhere and stories of this special kind of Sangeet went viral garnering many claps and applause.


The novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused people to stay indoors. People are widely following social distancing and self isolation. The rules are being followed to avoid community spread of the novel virus. But, even in such a gloomy situation, friends of the would-be bride and groom decide to give them a pleasant surprise- the ‘Virtual Sangeet’.


The initiative is appreciated by all who viewed the post and Twitter just loved the gesture. Gazal Bawa is a Twitter user...her wedding was scheduled to be held by this weekend but the outbreak of the deadly virus compelled her to postpone her wedding day. But her friends made her day by conduct a virtual ‘sangeet’ for her & the would-be groom.

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