Google makes an effort to thank the COVID 19 frontline workers

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Google makes an effort to thank the COVID 19 frontline workers

Google Doodle thanks through an illustration

Monday, 13th April 2020

Google, through its Doodle series, brings forth an amazing animated illustration as a way to thank the frontline workers like doctors, nurses and other healthcare staffs who are fighting against the lethal outbreak of Coronavirus.


Healthcare staffs like doctors, nurses etc are the first responders in this battle against the Coronavirus. They are doing their duty relentlessly without caring for their own life and are treating infected patients in the midst of this global pandemic.


The illustration shows the emoji of a ‘heart’ to a user and as the user hovers over the emoji, the message ‘To all doctors, nurses and medical workers, Thank You’ is flashed. The world is passing through one of the hardest times ever. It is a global health emergency and the emergency medical responders are doing their best in treating the affected patients. Their significant role and selfless service deserves applause and Google does the same through this new illustration which is undoubtedly a mode to pay tribute to the healthcare workers.


Google Doodle series has brought forth many such thanking illustrations so far...Animated ‘Thank You’ illustrations to express thankfulness to farm workers, grocery workers, sanitation workers, custodial workers have already emerged prior to this new one.


On its Google Doodle page, it states: "As Covid-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. We're launching a Doodle series to recognize and honor many of those on the front lines."

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