How to manage the stress arising out of Coronavirus outbreak

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How to manage the stress arising out of Coronavirus outbreak

Beat the pandemic stress

Tuesday, 14th April 2020

COVID-19 Outbreak has caused many to live in constant fear and stress. Fear about a disease that is not much known could result in strong negative emotions both in adults as well as children. And the worst part of the story is that there are some who are spreading dreadful rumours causing fears and stress to deepen and amplify. Now, if you are in quarantine or if any of your family members has tested positive of late, what would you do to manage the stress that comes with it. Read below...


  • Don’t always keep yourself glued to news stories and live updates on Coronavirus outbreak. Hearing or reading about the outbreak again and again could only increase your stress.
  • Try to do some yoga and meditation. The light stretches you do during Yoga can balance the brain chemicals and help in fighting stress. And, meditation, we all know, is a super stress buster.
  • If there’s someone who can de-stress you and motivate, connect with that person and talk to him or her. Inform that person about your fears and concerns. That’ll let you take the load off your mind.
  • Try to do something that you love to do always. For example, if you have a knack for cooking, whip up some wonderful dishes for your family or if you have a knack for singing, record some melodious numbers sung by you through your Smartphone and share with your friends across the social media...their cheerful comments will surely enliven you.
  • Know the facts and look at the positive aspects of this outbreak. While noting the number of cases at present and the death toll you also need to note the number of people who have recovered from this disease. Thinking positive will alleviate your stress naturally.

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