Metro cities listed as COVID 19 Hotspots

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Metro cities listed as COVID 19 Hotspots

Coronavirus Red Zone list is out

Thursday, 16th April 2020

The convenience of metropolitan cities also brings in the ‘rush’; something that’s a strict No-No especially in the current situation of COVID-19 outbreak. This evening the Centre has released a list showing 170 virus outbreak hotspots and in that list 6 metro cities and almost all large cities are included.

Also, 123 districts in the list have been marked as zones of ‘large outbreaks’. 9 districts of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, 9 districts of Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and even of Agra and Jaipur have been included in the list.


The ‘hotspot’ classification has been done on the basis of the percentage of coronavirus cases these cities have contributed to in the current scenario.  If the percentage is over 80% of the total number of cases in the state or country, then that particular city or district is to find a place in the ‘hotspot’ list. The infection rate has been considered too. Cities or districts where the infection doubling rate is below four days too will be a part of this list.


The stats in the list clearly show that we aren’t out of risk yet. Government is trying hard to contain the outbreak but we too have to be serious about following the lockdown and quarantine instructions zealously.

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