Nagpur police gives their tweet a Sholay twist

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Nagpur police gives their tweet a Sholay twist

Sholay movie stills used to motivate people

Thursday, 16th April 2020

The lockdown has shown many instances of how our cops are going out of their way to motivate people to follow the lockdown rules. As per the new declaration from PM Modi, India will pull the lockdown until 3rd of May 2020. This extension has been announced after considering the current stats related to the number of positive cases and the death toll in India. People of the country have been instructed to stay indoors and never step out unless it is very necessary. The situation has left some people utterly fed up with the boredom and anxiety that come with a lockdown.


In view of the current scenario, the cops of Nagpur tweeted the things one could do while being under ‘lockdown’. The way these cops listed out the to-do things is impressive enough. They shared a small guide with an innovative ‘Sholay’ twist.


Nagpur police department made use of various Sholay stills to convey their message…the text ‘Pursue your hobbies play music’ was captioned on a picture from Sholay where Amitabh Bachchan is shown playing mouthorgan. The Nagpur Police Department also suggested that we should spend our lockdown times calling up our friends, telling stories to family members and shaving at home. To describe each of these, they have used Sholay movie stills.

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