How can you stay healthy while you are on quarantine

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How can you stay healthy while you are on quarantine

Whether you are in self-isolation or in quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic, your STAY AT HOME time span will definitely increase. Following a general healthy lifestyle may help you improve your health, ditch unhealthy habits and make the most

Thursday, 16th April 2020

Consume a balanced diet

A balanced diet with all the major nutrient groups included can support normal immune functioning. So, make sure your quarantine diet includes adequate amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.


Stay well hydrated

Hydration is necessary to help your body function normally.  If you are dehydrated, the metabolic processes may get disrupted and that may even weaken your immune system; something that you may not want especially in the times of this COVID-19 crisis. So, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day.


Follow adequate food safety measures

Adequate food safety measures need to be followed to keep germs and viruses away. COVID-19 spreads through cross contamination as well. So, the vegetable seller from whom you are buying your veggies, if carries the virus, there’s every possibility of you getting infected. Therefore, make sure to wash everything you buy from market thoroughly in warm water. The coronavirus cannot survive in heat.


Give up addictions

If you are addicted to alcohol, tobacco or even caffeine, you should try to give up. Addictions of any kind may make it challenging for your immune system to guard you against COVID-19.


Stay physically active

Don’t become a couch potato while you are on quarantine. You have to stay physically active to avoid other health issues like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular issues etc. So, make sure to do 30 minutes of physical exercise daily.

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