Food delivery agent tested positive for Covid 19 in Delhi

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Food delivery agent tested positive for Covid 19 in Delhi

Another hiccup in fighting Covid 19 pandemic

Thursday, 16th April 2020

A 19-year old teen who delivered food fell sick on last Sunday. When tested, he was corona positive, and was admitted to RML hospital. Unfortunately, he had delivered food for over 70 families and had been in contact with another 20 delivery boys in Chhattarpur, Delhi.


The families who received food from him have been home quarantined, said BM Mishra, South Delhi’s DC. The delivery boys too, are being monitored and are currently quarantined in Chhattarpur.


This event has caused havoc on millions of people who have been relying on home-delivered food across the country. The restaurant where the delivery boy worked has been shut for 14 days. The restaurant stated, “After all precautions and vigilance, in an unfortunate turn of events, a delivery partner of our Malviya Nagar kitchen in South Delhi had tested COVID positive yesterday. We have shared all required information with authorities and they have reached out to all customers who had come in indirect contact with the affected”.  “While we serve the society, one of our delivery partners has taken the hit. We stand by him and are doing everything to support him”, added the restaurant.


There has been no travel history of the delivery boy. Officials suspect that he might have caught the infection by delivering food to an already infected family. Zomato said, “We are not sure whether the rider was affected at the time of delivery. COVID-19 could happen to anyone - and it is near impossible for all of us to completely isolate ourselves, especially when we need outside support for essentials such as food...We believe that none of our riders should and would knowingly keep working if they knew they were infected with COVID-19”.


In total, there are 1,578 Covid-19 cases in Delhi, and the infection has claimed lives of 30 people.


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