Sunny Leone uses quirky ways to amuse herself and others

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Sunny Leone uses quirky ways to amuse herself and others

Sunny uses creative face mask substitutes

Friday, 17th April 2020

The lockdown and social isolation scenario that followed the COVID-19 outbreak is keeping people indoors. Even celebs like Sunny Leone are spending their social isolation days within their homes and are taking to creative and funny activities to kill their boredom during this lockdown phase.


The bold and beautiful actress Sunny Leone is trying to have some fun at this time. Today she has posted few photos of hers in Instagram where we see her donning quirky stuffs as emergency substitutes for face mask and hand gloves. The several photos that Sunny Leone posted show her wearing household items as substitutes for face mask. The photos she posted had a witty caption that read: "When you have just 30 seconds to make an emergency Face mask during evacuation!"


In these photos we see Sunny wearing face mask substitutes like a diaper and scarf.  As surgical gloves substitute we see her flaunting a piece of red cloth and a pair of boxing gloves. She went an extra mile in her fun-filled initiatives when she brought in the play tent of her kids and the lion mask in her creative list of wearables.


Sunny’s quirky ways were loved by her fans…also, news about a man from West Bengal wearing diaper for face mask made the rounds...he must be a big fan of Sunny Leone for sure!

Source-  indiatoday

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