Precautions pregnant women should take against COVID 19

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Precautions pregnant women should take against COVID 19

Keep the coronavirus at bay through the right precautionary measures

Friday, 17th April 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak is the century’s worst global crisis. The virus has already claimed lakhs of lives across the globe and has infected about 21, 65, 500 people so far. Though almost every section of the society are at a risk of falling prey to the virus, those women who are pregnant have an increased risk. They too may be counted as one of the vulnerable groups threatened by the Coronavirus. According to researchers pregnant women are at a risk of vertical or mother to child transmission and that’s indeed a primary concern at present.


Lancet research study also declared that pregnancy can make a woman susceptible to severe pneumonia and to other respiratory infections like COVID-19 Infection and related maternal complications.


To avoid such unpleasant things pregnant women should abide by the given precautionary measures:

  • Strengthen of screening practices, health counseling and follow-ups are a must.
  • Timings for visit to clinics should be reinforced and pregnant women should go enveloped in proper protective clothing.
  • Pregnant women should stay away from other COVID-19 patients while she is carrying.
  • Pregnant women should observe social distancing and stay indoors most of the town.
  • Pregnant women should try to stay in a sterile environment to reduce chances of infection.

Source- indiatoday

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