Gloom appals in the lives of the people in Dharavi, Mumbai

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Gloom appals in the lives of the people in Dharavi, Mumbai

Poor sanitation and population make Dharavi vulnerable

Monday, 20th April 2020

People residing in Dharavi slum are the worst hit by nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic. They have no work and no food; they are stuffed inside their small houses. They have been depending on donations. Najma, a resident, said, “I used to feed my children when I went out for work, but now there is only sorrow and no work”. The family relies on food handouts, she added. Poor sanitation and dense population make Dharavi the most vulnerable place to live in the current crisis.


Another resident, Namchand Mandal from Jharkhand said, “Anything can happen. There are nine people in this room, all of could be in danger”. With 138 positive cases in Dharavi, there will be more to come. Virologist Shahid Jameel stated, “I am really worried it is just a matter of time” because 65% of Mumbai’s population dwell in slums.


The residents use handkerchiefs or sleeves of the shirts as face mask. To keep outsiders at bay, they have blocked the alleyways. Residents claim that it is highly impossible to stay in cramped rooms with laborers who work different shifts.


Police officers also state that, “It’s very difficult. No one listens to us”.

Source: India Today

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