PUBG: Mobile 0.18.0 update to be released on 24th of April with Miramar 2.0

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PUBG: Mobile 0.18.0 update to be released on 24th of April with Miramar 2.0

New Jungle adventure guide mode to the Sanhok map to be added in this update

Tuesday, 21st April 2020

Just last week, Arctic Mode has been included in Vikendi map in PUBG mobile, one of the most played mobile games in the world. On April 24th, it is said to release the update version 0.18.0 with Miramar map and other new modes included. These new features are tested in the beta version of the game. 


A report by Fossbytes says that the size of the update might be more than 2GB. The following features are added to the update-Miramar 2.0, a Jungle Adventure Guide Mode, a Safety Scramble Mode and other trivial modifications. Though available on beta version, these features are going to be included in the standard game version.


Miramar 2.0 gives a racing map, a Golden Mirado (vehicle), Water City (new area) and vending machines. The vending machines provide energy drinks as well as painkillers. The Safety Scramble Mode is nothing but an updated EvoGround mode containing a blue zone within the playable safe zone. Staying in this blue zone will damage the players. This can be seen in PC version, known as Bluehole Mode.  


Sanhok map is inclusive of Jungle Adventure Guide Mode and more information is yet to be released. Other changes comprise of a new training mode, results screen, achievements, and inclusion of scope to the Win94 gun and so on.

However, an official announcement is yet to be made about the release by PUBG mobile.


Source: Gadgets 360

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