Fight hair fall this quarantine season

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Fight hair fall this quarantine season

Tips to care for your hair

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

We get it! You are locked down and you can’t make it to salon to get your hair spa done. Are you worried about your hair fall issue getting worse? Don’t you worry because we are going to give you some really simple tips to nourish your hair at home.


Did you know that hair loss can occur due to poor and unhealthy diet other than improper care? Stress too, make the problem worse.

Now it’s time to pamper your hair with some ingredients found in your own kitchen. You have got all the time, haven’t you? ;-)


Here are the tips for you:

  • Hair mask to enhance the quality of your hair

Extract the pulp of aloe vera. Mix it with coconut oil in a container to obtain a smooth paste. Apply the paste and let it be for at least 45 minutes. Then, you can wash it off. It boosts hair growth as well as conditions your hair.


  • DIY your own oil

Did you know that curry leaves are extremely good for your hair? It strengthens your hair and nourishes your scalp. All you have to do is take some coconut oil in a pan, add some curry leaves and heat the mixture till the leaves turn brown. Then strain the mixture after it cools down and apply it from the roots to ends and massage for some time. Keep it for at least 30 minutes and wash it get shiny, healthy hair. Apply this at least once in a week.


  • Eat healthy

As we were saying, healthy, balanced diet improves both skin and hair quality. Proper amounts of nutrients like Vitamin A, E, and B, minerals like zinc, and iron, and proteins are necessary to make your hair grow better and healthier. Include lentils, seeds, spinach, beans, soy, almonds and peanuts in your diet.


Make your lockdown period worthwhile so that you can step out of the house later on and flaunt your gorgeous hair.


Source: NDTV

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