Over 2.5 million corona virus cases across the globe

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Over 2.5 million corona virus cases across the globe

Here are the 10 points

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

On a single day, 90,175 people have been tested positive for corona virus on Tuesday and the number tops 2.5 million worldwide. Death toll now stands at 177,415 and 4,155,178 recoveries. Europe and the United States constitute of 80% of the infected patients.


The worst hit continent is Europe with 1,230,522 patients and 108,797 deaths. In the US, the infection is spreading rapidly and has 824,438 positive cases with 45,0390 deaths. 30 new cases are reported by China.


The number of positive cases across the world is as follows:

Spain: 204,178

Italy: 183,957

France: 159,299

Germany: 148,453

UK: 130,175


These are the 10 points observed in different nations:

  • Death toll in Britain was found to be 40% higher compared to daily figures given by the government until April 10th. This makes Britain 5th highest country in number of deaths due to corona virus.
  • China has restricted travelers by limiting international flights, business visitors and foreign arrivals as a northwestern province has reported a case for the first time in 3 weeks on Tuesday. Chinese returning from other countries have started leveling off somewhere else.
  • WHO confirms that corona virus originated in animals and was not a product of laboratory or was manipulated.
  • Drug used for malaria had no much effect on treating corona virus infection in US veteran’s hospitals.  
  • Trump to hold issuance of green cards for 60 days in order to restrict competition for jobs as the economy has gone down due to corona virus.  
  • Missouri sued China’s leadership over covid-19 for its “deliberate deception” and “insufficient action” to stop the pandemic.
  • On Tuesday, the Mexican government increased its health emergency level and has requested people to practice social distancing by staying at home while suspending all less important economic activities.  
  • Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President, has tested negative for corona virus.
  • Cases in Singapore touched 9,000. Restrictions will be extended until early June, says the leader, as there are more number of migrant workers suffering from the infection.  
  • Virgin Australia said that it planned to keep operating flights even after handing over the keys to administrators because of the increasing covid-19 pandemic.


Source: India Today

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