Tips to keep your blood sugar levels in check during quarantine

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Tips to keep your blood sugar levels in check during quarantine

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Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

When you have Diabetes, you need to be extra careful especially when you are in quarantine or are staying indoors due to lockdown. When routine breaks and when you are staying at home you’ll probably be drawn towards spending more time in the kitchen or towards lazing away the time on your couch watching TV. Time in the kitchen may lure you to eat whatever you like and lazing on couch or a sedentary life may lead to dangerous blood sugar fluctuations. So, you need to be cautious enough when you are spending your quarantine days at home. Here are few tips for the diabetics to lead a healthy life during the lockdown period…read on:


Balanced diet is important

Try to include all types of food groups in your diet. A balanced diet is important to keep your sugar levels in check. Also, opt for foods with a low glycemic index.


Exercise is a must

Make sure to exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes. Free hand exercises and brisk walking on the terrace will do. Exercises are needed to stabilize your blood sugar levels and prevent complications.


Don’t forget to monitor

Checking your sugar levels regularly is very important. Try to keep your glucose monitoring meter ready and stock up on strips. Monitoring sugar levels will help you stay guard against sudden sugar spikes and its unwanted effects.


Don’t compromise with medications

Medications should be stocked in advance. Some of you may need insulin. So, that should be ready with you. If pharmacies cannot supply medications, you will be in trouble. Keeping medicines ready at hand is very important to stay fit and healthy.


Don’t get stressed unnecessarily

Stress can have a negative impact on your blood sugar levels. You may feel anxious regarding the lockdown and may be worried about your economic status post lockdown. But, if you are too much stressed you may experience abnormal blood sugar level fluctuations. So, relieve your stress through yoga, pranayama and through other stress-busting measures.


Source: NDTV

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