Amit Shah assures doctors of security at their workplace

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Amit Shah assures doctors of security at their workplace

Security of the doctors is non-negotiable, Shah assures

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has left many patients seriously sick and infected. Some of them with acute respiratory complications are in need of medical help each minute. As we all know, COVID-19 is a highly contagious infection that has killed nearly 178, 863 people worldwide. In such a situation, patients are in need of doctors who can treat them, give them new life and help them recover. Doctors are the frontline staffs who are working day in and out putting their own life at stake to treat the infected patients.


But, unfortunately doctors of our country are not being treated with the respect they deserve. Reports of atrocities towards doctors are making the headlines almost every day. News of doctors being beaten, abused and made social outcasts are making the rounds. Doctors in Chennai and Shillong, who have lost their family members to this deadly virus were not allowed to bury the bodies during the last rites as the local people believed that the burial of the infected bodies could spread the infection.

Amit Shah; our Home Minister declared on Wednesday that the safety of the doctors in their place of work is a non-negotiable affair and the government is bound to offer necessary protection to the doctors. While stating this Amit Shah also appealed to the IMA to reconsider their decision of proposed protest and withdraw their agitation. This request was made by Amit Shah during his interaction with few doctors of IMA or Indian Medical Association through video conferencing. During this interaction, Harsh Vardhan; the country’s Health Minister was also present. This interaction took place in the midst of reports of atrocities towards healthcare staffs especially doctors who were on their Covid-19 duties. During the interaction, Amit Shah praised the doctors for their great job and assured them of complete security.


In a tweet, Amit Shah said, "Safety and dignity of our doctors at their work place is non-negotiable. It is our collective responsibility to ensure conducive atmosphere for them at all times. I have assured doctors that Modi govt is committed to their cause and appealed to reconsider their proposed protest."

IMA doctors were planning to start their agitation and protest against such assaults on doctors and other healthcare staffs have withdrawn their decision after getting assurance from Home Minister.


Source: Economic times, India times

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