US files lawsuit against China

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US files lawsuit against China

Charges of cover-ups brought against China

Thursday, 23rd April 2020

U.S state Missouri makes an attempt to take China to court and it is the first state to do so.  China was accused of initial facts suppression regarding the spread of the Coronavirus. It was alleged that China had hidden the truth about the Coronavirus’s contagious nature and had arrested the whistleblowers. China’s dubious role in this had caused ‘irreparable damage’ to life and properties all across the globe.


Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt has filed this lawsuit against China in the District Court for US state Missouri’s Eastern District. The charges brought against China is that during the initial outbreak’s critical phase, the authorities in China purposely deceived the masses and suppressed all vital information and evidences, removed all crucial medical research papers and concealed details about human-to-human transmission of this deadly virus thereby exposing millions of innocent people to the destructive powers of this Coronavirus. Accusations brought against China also stated that China had hoarded PPE or personal protective equipment thereby causing a pandemic that could be prevented otherwise.


Attorney Schmitt has stated that because of China anti-human moves economic disruption has taken place…many have lost their lives, businesses have shut down and people are struggling to arrange food for themselves and their families. According to the allegations mentioned in the lawsuit, by the end of December, health officials in China had some serious evidences of critical human-to-human viral transmission and that WHO was kept in darkness about the outbreak until 31st of December 2019 and when China ultimately spoke out they did not say anything about the human-to-human transmission.


The lawsuit against China demands relief on public nuisance, on abnormally lethal activities and on breach of associated duties. Remedies for these could include restitution, civil penalties, stopping of punitive damages and dangerous activities and abatement of public nuisance.


China retorted to the charges by denying allegations about cover-ups…Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian remarked, "China was the first country to report the COVID-19 to the World Health Organization (WHO), (and) that doesn't mean the virus originated from Wuhan,"


Source: Economic Times

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