Mental benefits of reading books

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Mental benefits of reading books

Recharge your mind with the power of books

Friday, 24th April 2020

In this digital age, when most of us are drawn to digital entertainment coming from TV, laptop, notebook and of course, the social media, books seem to have lost their place of importance. How many of you still have a mini library in your house? Not many…right? Then, has reading books become a decadent art form now? Not at all…


Each year books are published in millions and sell off like hot cakes. There are people who still consider books to be their best friends…if you too thought of books the same way once upon a time but somehow lost connection with books over time; on this World Book Day you can revive that lost connection. This is the day to recall the various mental benefits books can bring you. Read on:

Books can bring your stress down

When you read books you get lost in the fictional world and that breaks you free from the gross, dull and drab realities of life. The fictional relief that books bring you can de-stress you.


Books can make you empathetic

The characters you get to read about in the books help you understand various dimensions of human personality and various aspects of life. That makes you empathetic towards others and towards complex emotions.


Books can have therapeutic impact

When you are reading a book you may start relating with the fictional character or protagonist and that may help you find an answer to the problems of life you are facing. In that way, reading books may act as a therapy.


Books can sharpen your intelligence

Reading books can let your brain mature in manifold ways. Your vocabulary may expand and that may make you speak as well as write better.


Books can strengthen memory

When you read books you put your memory muscles to work. Mental alertness, focus and power of remembering little things are enhanced due to the habit of reading books.


Books can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Research tells that reading of books can keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay because new pathways develop in your brain due to reading and your brain power is remarkably boosted.


Source: Swirlster

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