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Friday, 24th April 2020

Summers are here and most of you are perhaps gulping down many glasses of lemonade to beat the heat and chill out. Yes, that tangy flavored, refreshing drink is dear to the heart of many and is packed with loads of Vitamin C and essential minerals like magnesium and potassium. Lemons or lime; the key ingredient of Lemonade can help your body in many ways. It is always wise to start the day on a healthy note with this power fruit…Would you like to learn about the health benefits of lemon? Then, read on:


Keeps your heart healthy

Lemons are a heart healthy fruit. According to researchers, the high content of Vitamin C present in lemons can keep heart diseases at bay and also prevent strokes. 1 lemon contains as much as 30mg of Vitamin C.


Check dehydration

In summers you tend to get de-hydrated easily due to increased rate of perspiration. Too much of sweating can lead to excess water loss and loss of electrolytes. Taking a glass or two of lemon water daily can keep you guarded against dehydration.


Helps in weight shedding

Lemons help in weight loss. Pectin fibers present in lemons can suppress appetite and help you consume fewer calories. Also, various plant compounds present in lemon can speed up metabolism and give you slimmer waistlines.


Prevents kidney stone formation

Lemons can prevent the formation of kidney stone. Intake of lemon causes the Citric Acid present in lemons to boost urine PH and urine volume too and that reduces the risk of stone formation.


Reduces risk of Anemia

Citric Acid and Vitamin C present in lemons can help in better absorption of Iron from the diet you consume and keep anemia at bay.


Keeps blood sugar in check

Lemons help in blood sugar management. Soluble fibers present in lemons can boost gut health and reduce the rate of digestion of starch and sugar. This helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Source: NDTV

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